Saturday, 28 May 2011

I'M StiLL a cHiLd !!

English version of my poem "छोटा था तो अच्छा था !"

I still remember, the days of my childhood,
The innocence and truth,
The laughter, the attention, the life of carelessness, those were the days of my youth.

When crying and weeping were my leverages,
To get any sweets, any beverages

When I used to fake a headache to miss my school,
When my toys were enough to me to look cool.

I remember those days, when we used to cry
On mother dearest every small fry,

When she used to pick me up then in a bit,
That sense of gratification, the bliss.

When waiting for dad was a pain everyday,
For the facade of studying was worth the pay,

When my brother was the best partner in crime,
When we covered our sister dearest everyday in slime.

Then came the friends, the groups , the games,
Along with the fights, the joys, the flames,

Those days are now gone far behind,
But at my heart, I am still a child.

(Translated by : prateek saxena)

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