Monday, 29 September 2014

FreeKaaMaal - A real money saver site

FKM is a site which i browse mutiple times a day. It has become a part of my life now. My chrome browser even know me better which gives FreeKaaMaal before Facebook at typo "F"...mind it!!!
...and then there is a reason behind this... actually loads of reasons.

You get free mobile recharges or a decent cashback, when you follow FKM.
You consider yourself in few who know about latest deals... and deals which ends quickly.
You get to know about discounts going on all major ecommerce sites, you name it myntra, flipkart, amazon. Isn't that cool.
You get one to one pizza free code.
You get travel fare discount deals.
You get chance to participate in FKM contest, which are super exciting.
...and the list goes on.

And last which concludes the name of the site...i have been getting many free kaa maal (free samples) since i am following FKM.

Happy FKMing ...:)

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